Drake’s latest album, ‘Her Loss,’ dropped in November 2022, featuring 19 tracks and a collaboration with 21 Savage. With this release, Drake and 21 Savage promised a rich musical experience that captivates listeners worldwide. The album cover showcases a close-up of a young woman with eye-catching jewelry and colorful eyelashes, so who is the mysterious girl on the cover?

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Who is Suki Baby?

Suki Baby, also known as Qui Yasuka, is a multi-talented individual making waves on social media. Originally from North Carolina, USA, Suki spent a significant part of her early life in Japan before settling in the US. With a heritage of Japanese, Black and Cherokee ancestry, she embraces her unique cultural mix.

A nail stylist and professional adult dancer based in Houston, Suki gained attention for her candid and unfiltered presence on platforms like Twitch, where she humorously reflects on her given name, Quiana Yasuka, which she jokingly describes as a “ghetto Asian name.”

Despite her playful commentary, Suki is a skilled professional. In her earlier years, she pursued 3D design artistry and began sketching during high school. Alongside her artistic endeavors, she developed a passion for nails, eventually establishing her own successful business.

In an interview with gtalks!, Suki shared her long-standing fascination with grills and teeth jewelry, delving into the study of teeth anatomy during her teenage years to better understand the intricacies of the human mouth.

As of November 2023, Suki Baby has garnered considerable popularity through her modeling and content creation on platforms like OnlyFans and YouTube. She also had an active following on social media, reaching over 91,000 followers on Twitter and approximately 30,000 on Instagram. However, she seems to have deleted her accounts since then, likely because she didn’t like the amount of attention Drake’s album put on her. Suki is also active on Twitch, on which she streams mostly video games.

Bullying and career

Suki returned to the US during her high school years due to persistent bullying in Japan, as reported by Complex. Recalling her challenging experiences in Japan, she shared with gtalks her experience with bullying, mentioning that teachers at school spoke badly of her, even during nap time.

Fortunately, she found unwavering support from her mother and grandmother, who were determined to shield her from harm; her mom used to confront her teachers, noting that in their city, her mother is recognized as someone bold. Despite being a petite Japanese woman, she added that her mother is fierce and always ready.

Qui emphasized that her unique hair type set her apart, even in a diverse environment where others were of Japanese and White descent. Her grandmother, disheartened by the bullying, urged her daughter to bring Qui back to the US, so that she could grow up resilient.

Upon her return to America, Qui discovered her passion for nail art in the Sixth Grade when a friend’s mom treated her to a manicure. Despite her mother’s initial reservations about acrylics, Qui began experimenting with nail art during high school, forming a connection with a nail technician who spoke some Japanese and encouraged her to create her own designs.

During a podcast interview with GTalks!, Qui credited her father for suggesting the inclusion of computer chips in her nail art. Her dedication paid off, and her nail artworks were featured in a magazine, marking a significant milestone for her.

Beyond nail art, Qui works as a 3D artist and an exotic dancer with a deep love for travel. Originally maintaining separate Instagram profiles for modeling and dancing, she consolidated them into her more provocative Suki Baby page after both accounts were deleted, as it was the primary platform for her work.

Blackmailing stories

Qui attributes her stage name, Suki Baby, to a dog initially intended for her but ended up staying with her father due to numerous health issues. The pup, named Suki, became the inspiration for her moniker.

Originally, Suki Baby was adopted casually as a joke with a roommate, but the need to disclose her exotic dancing career arose when she faced potential blackmail. During a Twitch session, Qui candidly shared, “I informed my dad and his wife about my profession as a stripper, though I hadn’t disclosed it to my mom. My dad, perhaps wanting to seem clued in, pretended he already knew.”

She added that upon revealing her stage name they were quite surprised. She explained that she decided to disclose the information because she’d experienced an attempted blackmail a year or two ago. Despite the incident, she expressed indifference towards such matters, stating that it didn’t affect them. That’s part of the reason Suki Baby decided to share this information with her parents.

Qui consciously maintains a distinction between her given name and her dancing alias, creating separate identities, which allows her to compartmentalize her life, especially when outside the dance setting.

In her Twitch videos, viewers get a glimpse of her clean, white apartment featuring a central gold pole where she practices her dance routines, providing a backdrop that mirrors the separation she maintains between her public and personal lives.


Although Qui has maintained a level of privacy on social media regarding her romantic life, she opened up about a past relationship during a conversation on gtalks!. She shared details about a former boyfriend who dealt with Sickle Cell Anemia, a condition characterized by unusually shaped red blood cells, leading to potential long-term health challenges. Qui revealed that his health struggles resulted in hospitalization for approximately two weeks, causing disruptions to her professional commitments in both nails and dancing.

As of early 2024, Qui’s current relationship status remains unclear. However, despite any uncertainties in her personal life, she expresses aspirations to further establish herself in the public eye. Her focus extends beyond relationships, emphasizing her determination to pursue broader ambitions and maintain a presence in the public sphere.

How she ended up on the cover of “Her Loss”

The captivating album cover featuring Suki Baby reportedly stems from a photo taken approximately three years ago by the photographer Paris Aden. According to Complex, the OVO camp led by Drake, reached out to the photographer Paris Aden, seeking permission to use the shot for the album.

Paris Aden shared insights with the outlet, stating that Drake had apparently come across the photo, leading to a request for its use on the album. The photographer noted that he’d taken the shot a long time ago, clarifying that it was Suki’s profile picture. He suggested that Drake might have been captivated by what he’d seen in the photo.

While the exact reason behind Drake’s choice remains unclear, speculation flourished, with many suggesting that Suki’s connections to Houston may have influenced the decision. Rapper Lil Yachty later took to Instagram to suggest that he played a role in discovering the image and selecting it for the cover. In his post, he mentioned that he had chosen the cover because the photo possessed a raw and authentic quality, free from fabrication.

He emphasized that Suki’s true essence lies in being herself, and he credited his brother, Aristatalovich, for bringing the image to life. He expressed a sentiment of indifference toward those not aligned with them, stating, “Her Loss. Forget who isn’t with us.” The collaboration between various individuals in bringing this striking album cover to fruition highlights the raw authenticity and unique appeal that Suki Baby brings to the visual representation of “Her Loss.”Top of Form


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