• Oli London is a British reality TV personality and singer who gained fame for his extravagant look, after undergoing numerous plastic surgeries
• He has featured in several TV shows including "Celebs Go Dating" (2018) and "Rich Kids Go Skint" (2018)
• His career began in 2013 when he was working as an English teacher in Korea and exploring Korean subculture
• Oli has a net worth of $1.2 million and is not homosexual
• His hobbies include listening to K-Pop music and he has a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers

Who is Oli London?

Oli London is a British reality TV personality, a singer, who came to prominence for his extravagant look, as he has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to look like Jimin, the Korean star singer of the band BTS. Oli has featured in several TV shows that gained him popularity, such as “Celebs Go Dating” (2018), and “Rich Kids Go Skint” (2018), among numerous other appearances and achievements.

Oli London Early Life, Parents, Education

Oli London was born on 14 January 1990 in London, England, into a family of mixed British-Korean ancestry, therefore the infatuation with Korean culture.

Oli hasn’t shared any information about his early life, including his educational background, and whether he has any siblings.

Career Beginnings

Before launching himself into show business, Oli was working as an English teacher in Korea for a year in 2013. He began exploring Korean subculture, and fell in love with K-pop music, and found idols in the band BTS, and one particular member of the group – Jimin. After this, he started his journey on becoming just like Jimin. 15 surgical and 100 non-surgical procedures later, Oli is an identical twin of Jimin and a world star.

He started attracting attention due to his look, and  in 2018 began appearing in various TV shows, talking about his professional aspirations. His first TV appearance was in the show “The X Factor UK”, which caused an avalanche of appearances in various other shows. The same year, he featured in the documentary “Hooked On The Look” (2018), then “Celebs Go Dating”, and “Rich Kids Go Skint”. He spent the entire 2019 guest-starring in different South Korean shows, but before that, he was in a documentary on the German TV channel “The Beauty Madness of Oli London”.

Oli London

In the show “When in Korea”, aired on Arirang TV, he spoke about his love of Jimin, and was then featured in the short documentary “The Korea Times”.

Rise to Prominence

Gradually, Oli London’s stardom was increasing, and he started appearing in more popular shows. In August 2020, he was a star in the show “Plastic Surgery Knifemares”, in which he talked about his surgical procedures, but also his upcoming musical endeavors. In the October of the same year, he appeared in two episodes of the BBC 3 Series “Being British East Asian”. Furthermore, he guest-starred in one of the most popular American talk shows, “Dr. Phil”, in which he again talked about his infatuation with Jimin and his transformation.

Moreover, Oli was featured in a Daily Mail TV show, in which he was showcased marrying a cardboard cutout of his K-Pop idol in a Las Vegas ceremony. The entire event was covered by E! News and a number of other media outlets around the world, and aired on MBC News Korea.

His other achievements include serving as Editor-at-Large of Xpedition Magazine Middle East, which is a luxury high-fashion publication with headquarters in Dubai. Also, he is a model and brand ambassador for such brands as Medictel Korea, LipHop, Jinro Soju, Paris Hilton Skincare, and View Plastic Surgery, while his Instagram page has also contributed to his popularity.

Musical Career

Oli launched his musical career in 2019 with the song and follow-up music video “Perfection”. The single reached No. 31 on the iTunes K-Pop chart, while the music video has more than 2.2 million views. His next song, “Mirror Mirror” peaked at No. 41 on the iTunes K-pop chart, and the music video has also surpassed two million views. Other hit songs include “Heart of Korea”, “Lockdown City”, “Troubled B*tch”, and many others.

Oli London Net Worth

As of mid-2021, Oli London’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1.2 million, earned through his successful professional endeavors as a TV personality, singer, and model as well.

Personal Life, Dating, Gay, Girlfriend?

His extravagant look has raised a few eyebrows, considering his sexual orientation. His infatuation with Jimin has also added to the controversy in question. He has stated that he isn’t homosexual, and from 2018 to 2020 he was dating French television personality, model, and actress Angelique Morgan, who is better known as Frenchy Morgan. Since then, he hasn’t talked about his love life, though he remains ‘married’ to the cardboard cutout of Jimin.

Oli London Appearance and Vital Statistics

This intriguing television and music star has naturally brown hair, though he dyes it blonde, pink, and has also experimented with other colors; he has greyish-blue eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 11ins (1.8m), while he weighs approximately 132lbs (60kgs); his vital statistics are unknown though he has a slim figure.

Hobbies and Interests

His affection for the South Korean subculture has created a few hobbies related to the topic. In addition to extensive listening of K-Pop music, he is also a huge fan of Mariah Carey.

He looks up to Angelina Jolie, and has done a few of his own charity campaigns, such as helping refugee camps in Turkey and Syria.

Oli spent well over $200,000 on plastic surgery, and he doesn’t regret a single penny, since his look has earned him more than $1 million.

Oli runs his own YouTube channel on which he has just over 20,000 subscribers, and onto which he posts videos showcasing his latest professional endeavors, but also some videos from his personal life, such as his skincare routine, among numerous others.


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