Oulèye Ndoye is a prominent American global health and human rights policy advisor, who gained wide recognition through her marriage to the well-known American pastor and politician Raphael Warnock. Beyond her role as a pastor’s wife, Oulèye has emerged as a compelling advocate for women and children, with significant media attention for her dedicated work. Focused on addressing various challenges faced by these vulnerable groups, she’s solidified her position as a dedicated and influential voice in the realms of health and human rights advocacy.

Early life, family, and education

Oulèye Ndoye was reportedly born in New York City, USA, in the year 1985. – her exact birth date remains undisclosed, but an estimate places her age at around 39 years old as of 2024. Oulèye is a devout Christian, and her multicultural background reflects the diverse heritage of her parents.

Her father, Ousseynou, hails from the West African country of Senegal, and is of African American descent. In contrast, her mother Mariama is a native of Illinois, and comes from a white ethnic background. This combination of influences contributes to Oulèye Ndoye’s rich and complex ethnic background.

Oulèye embarked on her academic journey at Spelman College, where she pursued her undergraduate studies, culminating in the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in international studies in 2007. Eager to delve deeper into global issues, she furthered her education at the University of Oxford, England, earning a Master of Science in Migration and International Development in 2013. Subsequently, Oulèye pursued her academic endeavors at Columbia University in New York, graduating with a Master of Arts in History in 2015. Her educational background attests to her commitment to understanding the complexities of international relations and migration, laying the foundation for her impactful contributions to global health and human rights.


Oulèye Ndoye boasts an extensive professional journey and has more than a decade of experience across diverse roles and sectors. Throughout her career, she has played key roles in policy analysis, archival research, international relations, community organizing, and various non-governmental organizations. Her wide skill set and commitment to social causes have distinguished her in the field.

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In recent years, Oulèye has been involved as the National Coordinator of Scholarships and Emerging Leaders Programs at American Baptist Home Mission Societies. In this influential role, she contributes to shaping scholarship programs and nurturing emerging leaders within the organization, showcasing her dedication to fostering talent and educational initiatives.

Beyond her formal responsibilities, Oulèye is deeply engaged in advocacy work. She runs a website, which serves as a powerful platform dedicated to ending human trafficking. Through this online presence, she actively raises awareness, mobilizes support, and contributes to the ongoing efforts aimed at combating and eliminating human trafficking globally.


When it comes to romance, Oulèye Ndoye’s life has been intertwined with the political official, Raphael Warnock. Their love story culminated on 14 February 2016, when they exchanged vows in a ceremony held at the Auburn Avenue Church in Atlanta. Raphael proposed to Oulèye just one month prior to the wedding date.

However, the couple faced challenges, and in November 2019, Raphael Warnock and Oulèye Ndoye announced that they would be getting a divorce. The legal formalities of their separation concluded in May 2020 when the divorce settlement was finalized. Their marriage resulted in two children, a son named Caleb and a daughter named Chloe.

Oulèye has since reportedly remained single, and hasn’t revealed information about any romantic partners after the divorce.

Troubles during marriage

In December 2020, Oulèye leveled an accusation against Raphael, claiming that he had run over her foot during an argument; several media outlets obtained police body-cam footage detailing the incident. In the video, Oulèye appeared distressed as she informed the police that Raphael had allegedly injured her foot while attempting to drive away with their children.

The dispute between the couple reportedly arose in March over the question of whether their two children should be permitted to travel to Senegal to visit Oulèye’s family. Police were summoned to their residence, and Raphael was captured on camera explaining to the officer that his wife had called the police, claiming that he’d run over her foot. Raphael stated that he didn’t believe he had run over her foot, simply acknowledging that she was standing near the car as he drove away slowly.

The medical examination that followed didn’t reveal visible signs of injury on Oulèye’s foot. An officer, in a subsequent report, stated that he didn’t see any evidence that would suggest that her foot had been run over. Importantly, no charges were filed against Raphael in connection with the incident.

Reflecting on the incident, Raphael shared his perspective, stating, ” The divorce settlement secured in legal terms my parental rights in the case of international travel.” He believed it was essential to resolve this matter before undertaking any international trip, and added that it was a simple process, essentially signing a form. This is where the issue reportedly arose.

A spokesperson for Warnock’s campaign, Meredith Brasher, emphasized that Reverend Warnock is a dedicated father, committed to parenting his two children while serving the people of Georgia.

Raphael Warnock

Raphael Warnock, born on 23 July 1969, is an influential American pastor and politician affiliated with the Democratic Party. Before entering the political arena, Warnock made a name for himself as the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, an historic institution where Martin Luther King Jr. once served. His leadership in the church underscored his commitment to social justice, echoing the legacy of civil rights activism.

In the 2020-2021 election cycle, Warnock stepped onto the national stage by running for the US Senate in Georgia. His platform emphasized healthcare reform, economic issues, and the pursuit of social justice, aligning with the values he’d advocated in his pastoral role. In a historic turn of events, Warnock secured victory in the closely watched Georgia Senate runoff elections in January 2021, defeating incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Warnock’s triumph was pivotal, contributing to the Democratic Party gaining control of the US Senate. As he assumed office as a US Senator, Warnock continued to champion causes close to his heart, bringing his unique perspective as a pastor and advocate for social change to the legislative arena. His journey from the pulpit to the Senate exemplifies a commitment to public service deeply rooted in principles of justice and equality.

Oulèye’s appearance

Oulèye Ndoye has a height of 5ft 6ins (1.68m) weighs around 143lbs (65kg), and has a slim and athletic figure. Her distinct features include deep black eyes and curly black hair, which compliment her sharp facial features.

Due to the nature of her job, Oulèye is often seen in formal attire, showcasing a polished and sophisticated style. Her wardrobe choices include a preference for formal dresses, well-tailored suits, and black high heels.

Net Worth

As of early 2024, Oulèye Ndoye’s estimated net worth is close to $3 million; this considerable financial standing is attributed to her successful career as a human rights activist, underscoring the impact she’s made in her professional endeavors.


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